The Women’s Training Center began with a vision in the heart of a woman from East L.A. In her youth, Pastor Helen Ortiz was the wife of an abusive, drug addicted husband. After his suicide, she was a 21 year old widow with four children to raise. Even when a good man married her and raised her children, it wasn’t enough to erase the memory of a deceased husband or the years of domestic violence. Trapped in a dark place, alcohol and pharmaceuticals provided her only solace, but it all changed when she gave her heart to Jesus.

The struggles she experienced gave birth to a dream. She set a goal to reach out to women, caught in the destructive cycle of abuse, addiction, fear and low self-esteem. Pastor Helen would teach them about God’s love and how they could become the beautiful women God created them to be.

Her husband, Pastor Sal Ortiz, had a vision to bring these women out of the city and provide a sanctuary where his wife’s vision would be fulfilled. As a result, countless lives have been touched, healed and changed by the power of God.

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