RosieMy 3 children and I were seeking refuge from an abusive relationship while I was trying to conquer my drug addiction. Pastors Sal and Helen took us in. I struggled with low self-esteem and hopelessness. I learned the Word of God and realized I could do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I no longer relied on government assistance. I entered the workforce and applied the skills I was taught. I married a wonderful man and together we had a beautiful daughter. Today my husband is with the Lord, but I continue to stay involved with the ministry and work as a volunteer with the Training Center.



JulieRaised by grandparents, away from my heroin addicted mother, I rebelled and began using drugs. I became a teenage mom and struggled with depression and suicide. At the age of 18, I was stabbed and left to die. Shortly after, I lost custody of my 3 children. I entered the Women’s Training Center and learned what Jesus had done for me and what it meant to have a personal relationship with God. It’s been 25 years and today I volunteer with the training center and share what God has done in my life!


YvonneI entered the Women’s Training Center a single mother with two small boys. I had nowhere to go. I was never addicted to drugs or alcohol, never in trouble with the law but still something was missing. I struggled with being independent, never finished high school and feared even the simple things like taking my Driver’s Test. I was uncomfortable in public places like the grocery store and always needed someone with me. Today, God has set me free from my fears! I’ve completed my GED, have my Driver’s License, married a wonderful man and am the mother of four wonderful sons and two beautiful grandchildren! Thank God for the Training Center.


SherrieHomeless and battling with 30 years of addictions, I struggled with shame, un- forgiveness and the loss of contact with my family. I tried several times to get off the drugs but always relapsed. I came to the Training Center at the age of 56. I immediately felt loved and accepted, something I had not felt in years. As a result of the love I felt from The Lord, the Pastors and the other women, I began to heal. Today I’m a graduate of the Training Center, I have a job I love and a place of my own. My life is blessed, my relationship with my family has been restored and all the glory goes to God!

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